We have begun our quest to rid hunger and malnutrition right here in our local area- South Florida. Our mission is to start locally… to start at the root and to spread out limb by limb into the world.

We are a not-for-profit, IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization dedicated to addressing the needs of children and families. Our founder and her few fantastic volunteers are working day and night to create programs that not only feed our children but also educate their parents and teachers on the tragedy of poor diet and lack of nourishment.

The issue is simple. The correlation between children not eating healthfully and their overall behavior and performance in school is staggering. And with the world recession and food being manufactured without nutrition in mind… it is only getting worse.
So we have set out to reverse that trend… to provide food to our children in need and to educate their parents and teachers. Our programs are simple but growing steadily. Better nourished children, better educated parents and teachers…. a better tomorrow for everyone!

The Build A Better Tomorrow Organization educates, provides nutritious food and heals our starving, undernourished children! 100% of every dollar donated goes to directly to feed the children and 100% of our staff are volunteers.

And we could use your help! Let’s feed low-income families lots of fresh produce and observe the difference in our children. Its just that easy and it must be done!
Please volunteer, donate… lend a helping hand…

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Oct 15 2020
North Miami Beach Location
October Food Distribution
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Sep 17 2020
North Miami Beach Location
September Food Distribution
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Aug 20 2020
North Miami Beach Location
August Food Distribution
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